BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals


BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2024) Owners Manual

      L Car Information
           L Using this Owner's Manual
           L Vehicle features and options
           L For Your Own Safety
                L Intended use
                L Service and warranty
           L Data memory
                L General information
                L Data entry and data transfer into the vehicle
                L Services
           L Event Data Recorder EDR
           L Vehicle identification number
      L Owner's Manual media
           L General information
           L Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle
      L Entering
           L Opening and closing
                L Buttons on the vehicle key
                L Comfort Access
           L Displays and control elements
      L Set-up and use
           L Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel
           L Infotainment
                L Radio
                L Using the phone
      L On the road
           L Driving
                L Drive-ready state
                L Steptronic transmission
                L High beams, headlight flasher, turn signal
                L Wiper system
           L Climate control
           L Refueling
           L Providing assistance
      L Cockpit
           L In the vicinity of the steering wheel
           L In the vicinity of the center console
      L Operating state of the vehicle
           L Idle state
           L Standby state
      L iDrive
           L Operating concept
                L Input and display
                L Programmable memory buttons
           L Control Display and Controller
                L Control Display
                L Controller
                L Operating via the Controller
                L Operation via touchpad
                L Operation via touchscreen
           L Voice activation system
                L Activating the voice activation system
                L Possible commands
                L Adjusting
                L System limits
           L BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
           L BMW Gesture Control
      L BMW Remote Software Upgrade
      L General settings
           L Messages
           L Time
           L Date
           L Speed warning
           L Activating/deactivating popup windows
      L Personal settings
           L Data protection
           L Driver profiles
                L Concept, General information
                L Setup assistant
                L Creating a driver profile
                L Changing/canceling the recognition function
                L Renaming a driver profile
      L Connections
           L Connecting mobile devices to the vehicle
           L Bluetooth connection
                L Functional requirements
                L Frequently Asked Questions
           L USB connection
           L WiFi hotspot
           L Apple CarPlay preparation
           L Screen Mirroring
           L Managing mobile devices
      L Opening and closing
           L Vehicle key
                L General information
                L Overview
                L With Comfort Access: convenient closing
                L Replacing the battery
                L Malfunction
           L Integrated key
           L Buttons for the central locking system
           L Comfort Access
                L Unlocking
                L Opening the trunk lid
                L Touchless unlocking and locking of the vehicle
                L Steptronic transmission: BMW Digital Key
                L Transferring digital keys
                L Resetting BMW Digital Key
           L Trunk lid
           L Valet parking mode
           L Adjusting
                L General information
                L Trunk lid
           L Alarm system
                L General information
                L Indicator light on the interior mirror
           L Power windows
           L Glass sunroof
      L Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel
           L Seats
           L Safety belts
                L Number of safety belts and safety belt buckles
                L Buckling the safety belt
                L Safety belt reminder for driver's seat and front passenger seat
           L Front head restraints
           L Rear head restraints
           L Exterior mirrors
           L Interior mirror, manually dimmable
           L Steering wheel
           L Memory function
           L Seat heating
      L Transporting children safely
           L The right place for children
           L Installing child restraint systems
           L LATCH child restraint fixing system
           L Child restraint systems with tether strap
           L Locking the doors and windows in the rear
      L Driving
           L Start/Stop button
           L Auto Start/Stop function
           L Driving Dynamics Control
           L Parking brake
           L Turn signal
           L Wiper system
           L Steptronic transmission
                L Selector lever positions
                L Rolling or pushing the vehicle
                L Shift paddles
                L Launch Control
      L Displays
           L Instrument cluster
           L Widgets in the instrument cluster
           L Check Control
           L Indicator/warning lights
           L Fuel gauge
           L Shift point indicator
           L External temperature
           L Service requirements
           L Speed Limit Info
           L Selection lists
           L Sport displays
           L Head-up Display
      L Lights
           L Lights and lighting
           L Parking lights, low beams and roadside parking lights
           L Welcome lights
           L Adaptive light functions
           L High-beam Assistant
           L Laser high beams
           L Interior lights
      L Safety
           L Airbags
           L Automatic deactivation of the front-seat passenger airbags
           L Intelligent Safety
           L Front collision mitigation
           L Evasion assistance
           L Intersection collision warning
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Overview
                L Warning with braking function
           L Person warning with City braking function
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Overview
                L Warning with braking function
           L Lane departure warning
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Overview
                L Warning function
           L Blind spot collision warning
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Overview
                L Warning function
           L Side collision mitigation
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Overview
                L Warning function
           L Rear collision preparation
           L Emergency Stop Assistant
           L BMW Drive Recorder
           L Active Protection
           L PostCrash - iBrake
           L Fatigue alert
      L Driving stability control systems
           L Anti-lock Braking System ABS
           L DSC Dynamic Stability Control
           L DTC Dynamic Traction Control
           L xDrive
      L Driver assistance systems
           L Manual Speed Limiter
           L Cruise control
           L Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function ACC
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Overview
                L Switching on/off and interrupting cruise control
                L Setting the speed
                L Displays in the instrument cluster
                L System limits
           L Speed Limit Assist
           L Steering and traffic jam assistant
                L Overview
                L Displays in the instrument cluster
           L PDC Park Distance Control
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Overview
                L Depending on the equipment version: emergency brake function, Active PDC
                L System limits
           L Without Surround View: rearview camera
           L Surround View with Parking Assistant Plus
                L Overview
                L Assistance functions
                L Panorama View
                L Setting brightness and contrast
           L Parking Assistant
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Overview
                L Display on the Control Display
                L Driving out of a parking space using the parking assistant
                L System limits
           L Cross traffic warning
      L Driving comfort
      L Climate control
           L Interior air quality, Automatic climate control
           L Automatic climate control - switching on/off
           L Automatic climate control - adjusting the air flow manually
           L Automatic climate control with enhanced features
                L Overview
                L Temperature
                L AUTO program
                L Recirculated-air mode
           L Ventilation
           L Rear automatic climate control
           L Parked-car ventilation
           L Stationary climate control through Remote Engine Start
      L Interior equipment
           L Integrated Universal Remote Control
           L Sun visor
           L Sockets
           L USB interface
      L Storage compartments
           L Front passenger side glove compartment
           L Storage compartment in the center console
      L Cargo area
           L Loading
           L Lashing eyes in the cargo area
           L Through-loading system
           L With an emergency wheel: enlarging the cargo area
      L Things to remember when driving
           L Breaking-in period
           L General driving notes
           L Roof-mounted luggage rack
      L Saving fuel
           L Reducing fuel consumption
           L ECO PRO
           L Coasting
           L Driving style analysis
      L Refueling
      L Wheels and tires
           L Tire inflation pressure
           L Tire identification marks
           L Tire tread
           L Changing wheels and tires
           L Run-flat tires
           L Mobility System
           L Snow chains
           L Tire Pressure Monitor TPM
                L Concept, General information, Safety information
                L Tire settings
                L Messages: for tires without special approval
                L Actions in the event of a flat tire
                L System limits
           L Flat Tire Monitor FTM
           L Changing wheels/tires
                L General information, Safety information
                L Securing the vehicle against rolling
                L Jacking points for the vehicle jack
           L Emergency wheel
      L Engine compartment
      L Operating materials
           L Fuel recommendation
           L Engine oil
           L Coolant
           L Washer fluid
      L Maintenance
      L Replacing components
           L Vehicle tool kit
           L Vehicle battery
           L Fuses
      L Breakdown assistance
           L Hazard warning flashers
           L BMW Roadside Assistance
           L BMW Accident Assistance
           L Emergency Request
           L Jump-starting
           L Tow-starting and towing
      L Care
           L Washing the vehicle
           L Vehicle care
      L Technical data

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2024) Navigation, Entertainment, Communication

      L Navigation
           L Navigation system
                L Overview
                L Split screen
                L Navigation data
           L Destination input
                L Quick search
                L Recent destinations
                L Destination entry by voice
                L Home address
                L Points of interest
                L Displaying Points of Interest on the map
                L Favorites
                L Entering a destination via address
                L Received destinations
                L Planning a trip
                L Stored trips
           L Map
                L Map, Destination guidance
                L Destination guidance
                L Route
                L Route details
                L Spoken instructions
                L Theme maps
                L Set up map
                L Functions in the map view
                L Areas to be avoided
                L Real Time Traffic Information RTTI
                L Traffic bulletins via voice operation
                L Frequently Asked Questions
           L Adjusting
                L General information
                L Route
      L Entertainment
           L Entertainment system
                L Control elements
                L Entertainment sources
           L Tone
                L General information
                L Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System
           L Radio
                L AM/FM station
                L HD Radio reception
                L Satellite radio
                L Timeshift
                L Smart Favorites
                L Stored stations
           L Audio
                L General information
                L Updating album information
                L Music hard disk
                L Managing the music hard disk
                L USB storage device
                L Bluetooth audio
                L Playback
                L Search criteria
           L Video
                L General information
                L Video DVD
                L Settings for DVD
           L Rear entertainment
                L General information
                L BMW Touch Command
                L Headphones
                L Theater mode and Individual Entertainment
                L Enabling the rear seat
                L Adjusting
                L Operation
                L External devices
      L Communication
           L Telephone
                L Telephone functions
                L Last calls
                L Active calls
                L Hands-free system
                L Additional functions
                L Text recognition/dictation function
                L Wireless charging tray
                L Closed tray in the center console
                L LED displays
                L LTE-Compensator - Information and User Manual
           L Services and applications
                L Overview
                L BMW Teleservices
                L Teleservice Report
                L ConnectedDrive Services
                L Vehicle apps
                L Concierge service
                L Apple CarPlay preparation
                L Using CarPlay

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2024) Training manual

      L Introduction
           L General information
           L Training
           L Positioning
           L Identifying features
                L Exterior
                L Interior
           L Technical data
      L Drive Components
           L Introduction
           L Fuel supply
                L Components and their installation location
                L System wiring diagram
                L Refuelling
           L Automatic transmission
                L Introduction
                L Dual-mass flywheel
                L Shift elements
                L Oil supply
                L Service information
      L Electrical Machine
           L Introduction
           L Repair
                L Safe working practices for working on a high-voltage system
                L Procedure after an accident
           L Designation and identification
           L Design
                L Rotor and stator
                L Connections
                L Sensors
                L Separation clutch
           L Cooling
      L Electrical Machine Electronics
           L Introduction
           L Connections
                L Low-voltage connections
                L High-voltage connections
                L High-voltage cables
                L Removing the flat high-voltage connector
                L Removing the round high-voltage connector
                L Connection for potential compensation lines
           L Tasks
           L DC/DC converter
           L Power electronics for activation of the electrical machine
           L High-voltage power management
           L Voltage supply for other high-voltage consumers
           L Cooling
           L Antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor
      L High-voltage Battery Unit
           L Overview
                L Technical data
                L Equipotential bonding
                L Monitoring functions
           L External features
                L Labels
                L Electrical connections
           L Cooling system
                L Overview
                L Functions
      L Charging the High-voltage Battery Unit
           L Introduction
           L General information on charging
                L Introduction
                L Overview of charging options
                L Standard charging cable
                L Charging stations
                L What must be observed when charging the high-voltage battery unit?
                L Charging socket at the vehicle
                L Convenience charging electronics
                L Coordinating the charging procedure
                L Actuation of the charge status indicator
                L Power electronics in the convenience charging electronics
      L Hybrid Brake System
           L Introduction
           L System overview
           L Hydraulic braking
           L Regenerative braking
           L Emergency braking function
      L Low-voltage Vehicle Electrical System
           L Voltage supply
           L Start-up system
           L Terminal control for driving readiness
      L Bus Systems
           L New schematic diagram
           L New control units
                L Electrical machine electronics (EME)
                L Convenience charging electronics (KLE)
                L Vehicle Sound Generator (VSG)
           L Adapted control units
      L Display and Operating Concept
           L Driving modes
                L Overview
                L HYBRID
                L ECO PRO
                L STANDARD
                L SPORT
           L Displays in the instrument cluster
           L Displays in Central Information Display
           L Load point increase
      L Operating Strategy
           L Adaptive recuperation
                L Introduction
                L Stretch of road
                L Route guidance
                L System components
                L Displays and operation
           L Anticipatory hybrid drive
      L Climate Control
           L System overview
           L Electric A/C compressor
           L Stationary cooling
      L Electrical Heating
           L Installation locations and connections
           L Operating principle
                L Low coolant temperature
                L Antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor
      L B46TU-B48TU Engines
           L Introduction
                L Innovations B46TU/B48TU
                L Engine identification
           L Engine Mechanical
                L Engine housing, Crankshaft drive
                L Connecting rod - Crankshaft drive
                L IROX coating - Crankshaft drive
                L Chain drive - Crankshaft drive
                L Chain tensioner
                L Valve gear
                L Belt drive
           L Cooling System
                L Split cooling
                L Heat management module
                L Operating strategy
                L Operating temperature
                L Coolant pump
                L Exhaust System
           L Fuel System
                L Fuel preparation
                L Fuel high-pressure pump
                L Direct rail
                L Solenoid valve injector
           L Engine Electrical System

Total pages: 542

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