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BMW 3: Standard charging cable

The standard charging cable is designed for mobile use. All protection and communication devices of the standard charging cable are integrated in the so-called "in-cable control box". The volume and weight of this solution is low and the charging cable can be easily transported in the vehicle.

General information on charging
In-cable control box

  1. LED display (green) for the availability of the power supply
  2. LED display (blue) for charging
  3. LED display (yellow) for excess temperature
  4. LED display (red) for fault during charging
  5. In-cable control box

As a typical household power socket is used for connecting the charging cable to the AC voltage network, the maximum current level for charging is restricted.

Please consult the operating instructions of the respective manufacturer for the operation and use of a charging cable.

Employees in BMW Service cannot perform any maintenance or repair work on the charging cable or the in-cable control box. In the event of a defect with or a malfunction of the charging cable, the manufacturer must be contacted.

The G20 PHEV is equipped with the standard charging cable of the 2nd generation for AC charging.

The standard charging cable is delivered with a bag and is stowed in the luggage compartment on the left-hand side.

General information on charging
Standard charging cable of the 2nd generation

  1. Main plug
  2. Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
  3. Charging plug

The maximum charge current level at household sockets is market-specific and country-specific.

Depending on the variant, the high-voltage vehicle can be charged with 6 to 16 A.

The standard charging cable of the 2nd generation has the following features:

  • Power: 1.12 kW (10 A/120 V)
  • Protection against contact and water ingress (IP degree of protection): IP 67
  • Temperature sensor system:
  1. temperature sensor in the EVSE
  2. temperature sensors in the main plug (phase and neutral conductor).

To protect the standard charging cable, the temperature in the EVSE and main plug is monitored.

Power consumption is reduced or temporarily switched off completely by the EVSE if the temperature exceeds a specified value.

The optional equipment "inductive charging" available for the G30 PHEV is not available for the G20 PHEV.

Adjusting the charge current level

Via the menu "Car settings / Charging, climate planning / charge current setting", the maximum current level during charging with the standard charging cable at the power socket can be adjusted precisely in ampere (adjustment range between 6 and 16 A). It is generally recommended to set the maximum permissible charge current level to the lowest value for charging at an unknown power socket.

General information on charging
G20 PHEV, menu for setting the charge current level

  1. Menu item for selecting the charging setting
  2. Menu item for adjusting the charge current level
  3. Selection of the charge current level in ampere

If the current level set by the customer has been changed during a workshop visit, it is imperative to ensure that it is reset again before handing over the vehicle to the customer. Otherwise there is a risk that the private household supply network of the customer is overloaded, and the activation of the household fuses could then be interpreted as a fault by the customer.

The maximum charge current must always be reset to the customer's settings before returning the vehicle.


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