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BMW 3: Charging the High-voltage Battery Unit

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2023) Training manual / Charging the High-voltage Battery Unit



Although the high-voltage battery unit of the G20 PHEV can also be partially charged by energy recovery via the electrical machine, the "normal" charging procedure takes place when the G20 

 General information on charging


The "charging" procedure for an electric vehicle corresponds to "refuelling" a conventionally driven vehicle. Accordingly, in this chapter "charging" means: Charging the high-voltage battery unit d



The function of the brake system of the G20 PHEV is to decelerate the vehicle safely under stable conditions. Vehicle deceleration is made up of the following elements: Conventional hydraulic braking Regenerative braking Thanks to regenerative braking it is possible to convert the kinetic

 General information

The settings are stored in the currently used driver profile. Treble, bass, balance, and fader 1. "CAR". 2. "Settings". 3. "General settings". 4. "Sound settings". 5. Select the desired setting: "Treble": treble setting. "Bass": bass setting. "Balance": left/right volume distribution. "Fade

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