BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Terminal control for driving readiness

Terminal control for driving readiness
Terminal control from driver's view

  1. Vehicle condition - DRIVING
  2. Vehicle condition - RESIDING
  3. Vehicle condition - PARKING
  1. Transitional condition for establishing driving readiness, ending driving readiness or Check/Analysis/Diagnosis
  2. Transitional condition with stationary functions
  1. Actuation of the start/stop button + brake pedal + valid ID transmitter in the vehicle interior
  2. Driving readiness established, terminal 15N (terminal 50)
  3. Actuation of start/stop button (three times within 0.8 s) + valid ID transmitter in the vehicle interior
  4. Terminal 15N
  5. Operation of start/stop button + selector lever in Neutral
  6. Undoing driver's seat belt (v < 0.1 km/h (.2 mph), driver's door opened, selector lever not in Neutral, brake not pressed, low beam off, no OBD communication, no diagnosis mode, no assembly mode)
  7. Door contact change (v < 0.1 km/h (6 mph), driver's seat belt undone, selector lever not in Neutral, brake not pressed, low beam off, no OBD communication, no diagnosis mode, no assembly mode)
  8. Press start/stop button + vehicle is stationary or press start/stop button for at least 1 s + driving speed ≥ 10 km/h (6 mph) or press start/stop button at least three times within 4 s + driving speed ≥ 10 km/h (.2 mph)
  9. Press START/STOP button
  10. Terminal 30B
  11. Unlock vehicle
  12. Residing interaction or stationary function interaction
  13. Locks vehicle
  14. No customer interaction for three minutes
  15. Extended press of head unit media button
  16. Terminal 30F

Driving readiness is activated if there is a valid ID transmitter in the vehicle interior, and the brake pedal and START/STOP button are pressed simultaneously. Driving readiness can be activated from any terminal status (terminal 30F terminal 30B and terminal 15). Driving readiness is indicated to the driver by the needle of the eDRIVE display. Here the needle is at "READY".

With the status "Driving readiness" the vehicle can be driven off using the electrical drive or a combustion engine depending on the torque requirement. In comparison to the conventional vehicle with a single powertrain by the combustion engine, the driving readiness in a hybrid car cannot be recognized at the running combustion engine. The prerequisites for non-start of the combustion engine, the so-called "silent start", are a sufficiently charged high-voltage battery unit and activated hybrid or electric mode.

Driving readiness is deactivated by pressing the START/STOP button when the vehicle is stationary.

The drive position "P" is automatically engaged in the process. The car wash function is an exception to this: If the driver engages the drive position "N" when the driving readiness is switched on and then presses the START/STOP button, the drive position "N" remains engaged and terminal 15 remains switched on.


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