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BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2023) Owners Manual

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2023) Owners Manual

The BMW 3 Series 2018-2023 Owners Manual is a comprehensive guidebook provided by BMW to help owners understand their vehicle's features and functions. The manual is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand, with clear and concise instructions. The manual includes information on various aspects of the vehicle, such as its controls, displays, and operating systems. It provides guidance on how to operate the vehicle's various features, such as the audio system, climate control, and infotainment system.



 Using this Owner's Manual

Orientation The fastest way to find information on a particular topic is by using the index. An initial overview of the vehicle is provided in the first chapter. Validity of the Owner's Manual Produc

 Vehicle features and options

This Owner's Manual describes all models and all standard, country-specific and optional equipment that is offered in the model series. Therefore, this Owner's Manual also describes and illustrates fe



In the G20 PHEV, the B46B20O1 is an element of the BMW hybrid drive. The 4-cylinder engine, which generates power of 135 kW (180 hp) and a maximum torque of 300 Nm, guarantees more sustainability and efficiency. Modified B46 engine For use in the G20 PHEV, the B46 engine a

 Voltage supply for other high-voltage consumers

The Electrical Machine Electronics supplies voltage not only to the electrical machine. The convenience charging electronics are directly connected with the Electrical Machine Electronics and ensure the voltage supply at high-voltage level to the electric A/C compressor and electrical heating. H

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