BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: PDC Park Distance Control


 Concept, General information, Safety information

Concept PDC is a support when parking. Objects that you are approaching slowly in front of or behind the vehicle are indicated by signal tones and a display on the Control Display. Depending on the e


Button in the vehicle Park assistance button Ultrasound sensors Ultrasound sensors of the PDC, for instance in the bumpers. Functional requirements Ensure full functionality: Do not cover sensors,

 Depending on the equipment version: emergency brake function, Active PDC

Concept The emergency braking function of PDC initiates an emergency braking in case of acute risk of collision. General information This function may not be available. Contact your authorized dealer'


 New schematic diagram

The representation of the individual bus systems and their designations have been adapted to the representation and the designation of the ISTA workshop information system. The following table provides an overview of the previous and the current representation and designation: Bus overview G2

 Data entry and data transfer into the vehicle

General information Depending on the vehicle equipment, comfort and individual settings can be stored in the vehicle and modified or reset at any time. For example, this includes: Settings for the seat and steering wheel positions. Suspension and climate control settings. If necessary, data can

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