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BMW 3: Driver assistance systems

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2023) Owners Manual / Driver assistance systems


 Manual Speed Limiter

Concept The system can be used to set a speed limit, for instance to prevent the vehicle from exceeding speed limits. General information The system can limit the speed, starting at a value of 20 mph/

 Cruise control

Concept Using this system, a desired speed can be adjusted using the buttons on the steering wheel. The system maintains the desired speed. The system accelerates and brakes automatically as needed.

 Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function ACC


 Shift elements

Brakes and clutches are described as shift elements which make possible the shifting and changing of all gears. Like in the GA8HP70Z transmission, the following shift elements are also used in the GA8P75HZ transmission: 2 fixed multidisc brakes (brakes A and B) 3 rotary multidisc clutches (clut


Safety information Warning High gross weight can overheat the tires, damage them internally and cause a sudden drop in tire inflation pressure. Driving characteristics may be negatively impacted, reducing lane stability, lengthening the braking distances and changing the steering response. There is

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