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BMW 3: Display on the Control Display

System activated/deactivated

Gray: the system is not available.

White: the system is available but not activated.

System is activated.

Parking space search is active.

  The parking procedure is active.

Steering control has been taken over by system.

Parking space search and system status

Driver assistance systems

  • Parking assistant is activated and parking space search is active.
  • Control Display shows suitable parking spaces at the edge of the road next to the vehicle symbol. When Park Assistant is active, suitable parking spaces are highlighted and an acoustic signal sounds.
  • If a diagonal or parallel parking space is clearly detected, the system automatically adjusts the suitable parking method. In the case of parking spaces suitable for parallel and diagonal parking, a selection menu is displayed. In this case, the desired parking method must be selected manually.
  • The parking procedure is active. Steering control has been taken over by system.
  • Parking space search is always active whenever the vehicle is moving forward slow and straight, even if the system is deactivated.

    When the system is deactivated, the displays on the Control Display are shown in gray.

Parking using the parking assistant


1. Switching on and activating the parking assistant.

Engage the reverse gear and, if necessary, activate the system or press the parking assistance button on the Control Display.

Parking assistant is activated.

2. Pass the row of parked vehicles at a speed of up to approx. 22 mph/35 km/h and at a distance of maximum 5 ft/1.5 m.

The status of the parking space search and possible parking spaces are displayed on the Control Display.

3. Confirm the suggested parking space for the parking process: select the parking space on the Control Display.

The system takes over the steering.

4. Follow the instructions on the Control Display.

Steptronic transmission: At the end of the parking procedure, the P selector lever position is set.

The end of the parking procedure is indicated on the Control Display.

5. Adjust the parking position yourself, if needed.

Interrupting manually

The parking assistant can be interrupted at any time:

  • Press the park assistance button.
  •  "Autom. Parking" Select the symbol on the Control Display.

Interrupting automatically

The system is interrupted automatically in the following situations:

  • If the driver grasps the steering wheel or takes over steering.
  • Possibly on snow-covered or slippery road surfaces.
  • When there are obstacles that are hard to overcome, such as curbs.
  • When there are obstacles that suddenly appear.
  • If the PDC Park Distance Control displays clearances that are too small.
  • If a maximum number of parking attempts or the time taken for parking is exceeded.
  • When switching to another function on the Control Display.

Steptronic transmission:

  • If the trunk lid is open.
  • If doors are open.
  • When setting the parking brake.
  • During acceleration.
  • When the brake pedal remains pressed for an extended period while the vehicle is stationary.
  • When unfastening the driver's safety belt.

A Check Control message is displayed.


An interrupted parking procedure can be continued, if needed.

Reactivate the parking assistant and follow the instructions on the Control Display.

Switching off

The system can be switched off manually: Press the park assistance button.

Switching signal tone for suitable parking spaces on/off

Via iDrive:

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "Driver Assistance".

4. "Parking and maneuvering".

5. "Automatic Parking".

6. "Alert if parking space detected".

The setting is stored for the driver profile currently used.


     Driving out of a parking space using the parking assistant

    Concept The system makes driving out of parallel parking spaces easier. General information Steptronic transmission The parking assistant calculates an optimal line for pulling out of a parking space

     System limits

    Safety information Warning The system is designed to operate in certain conditions and circumstances. Due to conditions or other factors, the system may not respond. There may be a risk of accident

     Cross traffic warning

    Concept At blind driveways or when driving out of diagonal parking spaces, approaching cross traffic is detected sooner by the system than is possible from the driver's seat. General information Two


     Destination guidance

    Starting destination guidance 1. Press the button on the Controller. 2. Select the type of destination entry. 3. Select the destination. 4. If necessary, start destination guidance. Information window for destination guidance General information After the route has been started, an information w

     Breaking-in period

    General information Moving parts need to begin working together smoothly. The following instructions will help you to achieve a long vehicle life and good efficiency. During break-in, do not use the Launch Control. Safety information Warning Due to new parts and components, safety and driver assi

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