BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Overview

Buttons in the vehicle

Driver assistance systems

Park assistance button

Panorama View


Driver assistance systems

Front camera

Driver assistance systems

Rearview camera

Driver assistance systems

One camera is located at the bottom of each exterior mirror housing.

The image quality may be impaired by dirt on the camera lenses. If required, clean the camera lenses.

Switching on/off

Switching on automatically

The system is switched on automatically if selector lever position R is engaged when the engine is running.

The camera perspective suitable for the respective driving situation is displayed.

Switching on/off manually

Press the park assistance button.

  • On: the LED lights up.
  • Off: the LED goes out.

The rearview camera cannot be switched off if the reverse gear is engaged.

Automatic deactivation during forward travel

The system switches off when a certain driving distance or speed is exceeded.

Switch the system back on, if needed.

Camera perspective


Driver assistance systems

  1. Function bar, left
  2. Camera image
  3. Side view
  4. Automatic camera perspective
  5. Movable unobstructed camera perspective
  6. Function bar, right
  7. Rearview camera
  8. Selection window

Selection window

The individual camera perspectives can be selected in the selection window via iDrive.

Side view

The side view can be selected for the right or left vehicle side.

This view helps when positioning the vehicle at the curb or with other obstacles on the side by displaying the side surroundings.

The side view looks from rear to front and in case of danger, focuses automatically on possible obstacles.

Automatic camera perspective

The automatic camera perspective shows a steering-dependent view in the respective driving direction.

This perspective adapts to the respective driving situation.

As soon as obstacles are detected, the view changes to a fixed display of the area in front or at the rear behind the bumper or, if necessary, changes to a side view.

When reverse gear is engaged, the automatic camera perspective is closed and the system uses a fixed perspective of the rearview camera.

If necessary, manually select the automatic camera perspective when reverse gear is engaged.

The automatic camera perspective will be retained for the current parking maneuver.

Movable unobstructed camera perspective

With selection of the movable camera perspective, a circle appears on the Control Display.

By turning the Controller or via touch function, specified perspectives on the circle can be selected.

The current perspective is marked with a camera symbol.

To leave the function, move the Controller sideways and select another camera function.

Rearview camera

This view shows the picture of the rearview camera.

Function bars

Function bar on the right

Assistance functions can be activated via the right function bar and settings can be entered.

Move the Controller to the right, if needed.

  •   "Autom. Parking".
  •   "Back-up Assistant".
  •   "Camera image"
    •  "Brightness".
    •  "Contrast".
    •  "Parking aid lines".
    •  "Obstacle mark.".
  • "Settings": apply settings, for instance to use the activation points for Panorama View.

Function bar on the left

The left function bar can be used for the direct selection of various views. Move the Controller to the left, if needed.

  • "Car wash".
  • "Parking": around the vehicle.
  • "3D view": available camera.


     Assistance functions

    General information More than one assistance function can be active at the same time. The following assistance functions can be manually activated: "Parking aid lines". "Obstacle mark.". "Car was

     Panorama View

    Concept The system provides an early look at cross traffic at blind driveways and intersections. General information Road users concealed by obstacles to the left and right of the vehicle can only be

     Setting brightness and contrast

    Brightness and contrast can be adjusted with Surround View or Panorama View switched on. Via iDrive: 1. Move the Controller to the right, if needed. 2. "Camera image" 3. "Brightness" "Contrast


     General information

    When the vehicle is locked, the vehicle alarm system reacts to the following changes: Opening a door, the hood or the trunk lid. Movements in the car's interior. Changes in the vehicle tilt, for instance, during attempts at stealing a wheel or when towing the vehicle. Disconnected battery vol

     Possible commands

    General information Most contents on the Control Display can be spoken as commands, e.g. menu items or list entries. Speak these list entries out loud exactly as they are shown in the list. Say the commands and numbers with normal volume, emphasis, and speed. The status of the voice recognition i

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