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BMW 3: Screen Mirroring

General information

Screen Mirroring enables mirroring (outputting) of the smartphone display on the Control Display.

Functional requirements

  • Compatible smartphone with Screen Mirroring interface.
  • Screen Mirroring is switched on on the smartphone.
  • WiFi is switched on in the vehicle.

Activate WiFi in the vehicle

Via iDrive:

1. "COM".

2. "Mobile devices".

3. Move the Controller to the right.

4. "Settings".

5. "Wi-Fi".

Pairing a smartphone with Screen Mirroring

Via iDrive:

1. "COM".

2. "Mobile devices".

3. Move the Controller to the right.

4. "New device".

5. "Screen Mirroring".

The WiFi name of the vehicle is displayed on the Control Display.

6. Search for WiFi devices in the surroundings of the smartphone.

The WiFi name of the vehicle appears on the device display. Select the WiFi name of the vehicle.

7. Confirm the connection via iDrive.

The device is connected and displayed in the device list.


     Managing mobile devices

    General information After one-time pairing, the devices are automatically recognized and reconnected when standby state is switched on. After stored content on the SIM card or the mobile phone,

     Opening and closing

     Vehicle key



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