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BMW 3: Navigation data

General information

Navigation data is stored in the vehicle and can be updated from a USB storage device.

Current navigation data is available from a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop or in the ConnectedDrive Store.

Depending on the data volume, the navigation data update may take several hours. The status of the update can be queried.

The navigation data is updated during the trip to preserve the vehicle battery.


1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Move the Controller to the right.

3. "Settings".

4. "Configure services".

5. "Map update".


1. Connect the USB storage device with the new navigation data to a USB interface in the front.

2. Follow the instructions on the Control Display.

3. Remove the USB storage device after the update.

Information about the current map version

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Move the Controller to the right.

3. "Settings".

4. "Update".

Automatic update

Depending on the vehicle equipment and country version, the navigation data for the home region is transmitted online to the vehicle several times a year and automatically installed and updated.


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