BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: In the vicinity of the steering wheel

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2024) Owners Manual / Cockpit / In the vicinity of the steering wheel


  1. Safety switch
  2. Power windows
  3. Exterior mirror operation
  4. Central locking system
  5. Seating comfort features
    Memory function
  6. Lights
    Front fog lights
    Light switch
    Lights off
    Daytime running lights
    Parking lights
    Automatic headlight control
    Adaptive light functions
    High-beam Assistant
    Low beams
    Instrument lighting
    Right roadside parking light
    Left roadside parking light
  7. Steering column stalk, left
    Turn signal
    High beams, head-light flasher
    High-beam Assistant
    Widgets in the instrument cluster
    Trip data
  8. Shift paddles
  9. Steering wheel buttons, left
    Speed Limiter
    Depending on the equipment:
    Cruise control on/off

    Depending on the equipment:
    Active Cruise Control on/off
    With steering and traffic jam assistant
    Cruise control, distance control and lane guidance on/off
    Cruise control: to store the speed
    Speed Limit Assist: take over suggested speed
    Pausing cruise control
    Continuing cruise control
    Active Cruise Control: increase distance
    Active Cruise Control: reduce distance
    Cruise control rocker switch
  10. Instrument cluster
  11. Steering wheel buttons, right
    Selection lists
    Volume, see Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communication
    Voice activation system
    Changing the station/track, see Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment, Communication
    Telephone, see Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communication
    Thumbwheel for selection lists
  12. Steering column stalk, right
    Rain sensor
    Cleaning the windshield and headlights
  13. Horn, entire surface
  14. Heated steering wheel
  15. Adjusting the steering wheel
  16. Unlocking the hood
  17. Opening and closing the trunk lid
  18. Glove compartment


     In the vicinity of the center console

    Control Display Hazard warning system Intelligent Safety Ventilation Glove compartment Automatic climate control Radio/multimedia, see Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment, and C

     Operating state of the vehicle

     Idle state

    Concept If the vehicle is in idle state, it is switched off. All power consumers are deactivated. General information The vehicle is in idle state prior to opening from the outside and after exiting a


     Text recognition/dictation function

    General information The offering depends on the equipment version of the vehicle and the country-specific variant. Concept Spoken words are detected by voice recognition and converted into text. The text can be corrected and supplemented as required. The text can be used as subject or content of e-

     Concept, General information, Safety information

    Concept The system supports the driver in the following situations: When parking parallel to the road, parallel parking. When reverse parking diagonally to the road, diagonal parking. The system orients itself with the middle of the parking space during diagonal parking. When driving out of

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