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BMW 3: Last calls

The last outgoing, missed, and incoming calls are transferred to the vehicle. Depending on the equipment, the calls are transferred from the main phone and additional phones.


1. "COM".

2. If necessary, "Telephone".

3. "Recent calls".

4. The last calls are displayed.

Filtering call list

1. "COM".

2. "Telephone".

3. Select desired filter:

  • With two paired phones, select the desired phone:
    "all telephones"
  • "All calls"
  • "Missed calls"
  • "Incoming calls"
  • "Outgoing calls"

4. Select the desired setting.

Selecting number from list

Select from list. Call is established via the mobile phone, from where the entry originates.

Via options: start call via the second mobile phone.

To cancel: "End call"


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