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BMW 3: Introduction

The electrical machine in the G20 PHEV is a permanently excited synchronous machine. It can convert electrical energy from the high-voltage battery unit into kinetic energy, by which the vehicle is driven.

Both electric driving up to approximately 87 mph (140 km/h) as well as support of the combustion engine are possible, for example when overtaking (boost function) or for active torque support when changing gears.

In the reverse situation, the electrical machine converts kinetic energy into electrical energy during braking and in coasting (overrun) mode and stores this in the high-voltage battery unit (energy recovery).

The electrical machine is a high-voltage component

High-voltage component warning sticker

Each high-voltage component has on its housing an identifying label that enables Service employees and vehicle users to identify intuitively the possible hazards that can result from the high electric voltages used.

Only Service employees who satisfy all the prerequisites are permitted to work on the designated high-voltage components: suitable qualifications, compliance with the safety rules, procedure following the exact repair instructions.

For high-voltage safety reasons, with the exception of the high-voltage battery unit no other high- voltage component must be opened.



     Safe working practices for working on a high-voltage system

    The following description of the repair of the high-voltage components is only a general list of the content and the procedure. In general, only the specifications and instructions in the current va

     Procedure after an accident

    The safety concept of the high-voltage system ensures that, even during or after an accident, there is no danger to the customer, the rescue services or the service employee. The high-voltage system


     Valet parking mode

    Concept In the valet parking mode, the Control Display is locked and operation via iDrive is no longer possible. E.g., this mode can be used when the vehicle is handed over for valet parking. General information In the valet parking mode, it is not possible to change vehicle settings via iDrive. Per

     Engine Electrical System

    Digital Motor Electronics (DME) DME 8 control unit The Digital Motor Electronics (DME) is the computing and switching center. Sensors on the engine and the vehicle deliver the input signals and actuators implement the commands. The Digital Motor Electronics (DME) calculates the corresponding acti

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