BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Active calls

Adjusting the volume

Turn the volume button on the radio during the call, until the desired volume is reached. The setting is stored for the driver profile currently used.

Volume equalization

The microphone volume of the phone can be adjusted during an active call.

1. "Microphone sensitivity".

2. Set the desired volume.

Call transfer

The relaying of an incoming call is handled through the end-user device with which the call was accepted, for instance with the button on the steering wheel via the hands-free system of the car.

The top priority must be assigned to the telephone, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.

An ongoing call can be transferred between the vehicle and the end device:

  • "Transfer call to vehicle"
  • "Transfer call to telephone"

Dialing a number

1. "COM".

2. If necessary, "Telephone".

3. "Dial number".

4. Enter the numbers.

5. Select the symbol.

The connection is established via the mobile phone to which this function has been assigned.

Establish the connection via the additional phone:

1. Press the button.

2. "Call via".

Holding, resuming

An active call can be put on hold and resumed later on.

  • "Hold call"
    Call is put on hold.
  • "Resume"
    Call is resumed.

Muting the microphone

When a call is active, the microphone can be muted.

The muted microphone is automatically activated:

  • When a new connection is established.
  • When switching between call parties.

DTMF suffix dialing

DTMF suffix dialing can be used for gaining access to network services or for controlling devices, for instance to make a remote inquiry of an answering machine. The DTMF code is needed for this purpose.

1. "Keypad dialing".

2. Enter DTMF code.

Calls with multiple parties

General information

You can switch between calls or connect two calls to a single conference call. These functions must be supported by the mobile phone and service provider.

Accepting a call while speaking to another party

If a second call comes in during an ongoing call, a call waiting signal sounds where appropriate.


The call is accepted and the existing call is put on hold.

Establishing a second call

An additional call can be established while a call is active.

1. "Add call".

2. Select the desired setting:

  • "Contacts"
  • "Recent calls"
  • "Dial number"

3. Select new number.

The call is started and the first call is put on hold.

Switching between two calls, hold call

You can switch between two calls.

1. Establish two calls.

2. "Resume".

The call on hold is resumed.

Establishing a conference call

Two calls can be connected to a single telephone conference call. The calls must be made from the same mobile phone.

1. Establish two calls.

2. "Place conf. call"


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