BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Text recognition/dictation function

General information

The offering depends on the equipment version of the vehicle and the country-specific variant.


Spoken words are detected by voice recognition and converted into text. The text can be corrected and supplemented as required. The text can be used as subject or content of e-mails or short messages. To use the functions, data is transmitted to a service provider via an encrypted connection and stored locally there.

Functional requirement

The mobile phone must support the function.

The following functions are activated:

  • "Online speech processing"
  • "Contact upload for dictation"

Improving voice recognition for contact names


The contact names of the connected mobile phones are transmitted to voice recognition. This improves the recognition of contact names during text conversion. To use the functions, data is transmitted to a service provider via an encrypted connection and stored locally there.

Activating/deactivating the function

The function can be activated or deactivated for the respective mobile phone.

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "General settings".

4. "Mobile devices" 5. Select the desired device.

6. "Contact upload for dictation".

Adjusting the menu

The menu can be adapted, for instance to remove entries from the menu for functions not being used.

1. "COM".

2. "Personalize menu".

3. Select the desired setting.

4. Move the Controller to the left.


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