BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Sockets

General information

The total load of all sockets must not exceed 140 watts at 12 volts.

Do not damage the socket by using non-compatible connectors.

Safety information

Warning Devices and cables in the unfolding area of the airbags, such as portable navigation devices, can hinder the unfolding of the airbag or be thrown around in the car's interior during unfolding.

There is a risk of injury. Make sure that devices and cables are not in the airbag's area of unfolding.

NOTICE Battery chargers for the vehicle battery can work with high voltages and currents, which means that the 12 volt on-board network can be overloaded or damaged. There is a risk of damage to property. Only connect battery chargers for the vehicle battery to the starting aid terminals in the engine compartment.

NOTICE If metal objects fall into the socket, they can cause a short circuit. There is a risk of damage to property.

Front center console

1. Press onto the cover.

Front center console

2. A socket is located between the cup holders.

Pull off the cover.

Front center console

Rear center console

Front center console

A socket is located in the center console.

Pull off the cover.

In the cargo area

Front center console

A socket is located on the right side in the cargo area. Unfold the cover.


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