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BMW 3: USB interface

General information

Follow the information regarding the connection of mobile devices to the USB interface in the section on USB connections.

In the center armrest

In the center armrest

A USB interface is located in the center armrest.


  • USB port Type C.
  • For charging of mobile devices.
  • Charge current: max. 3 A.
  • With navigation system: for data transfer.

In the front center console

NOTICE Objects in the storage compartment, e.g., large USB connectors, may block or damage the cover when it is being opened or closed. There is a risk of damage to property. Make sure that the area of movement of the cover is clear while opening and closing it.

Interior equipment

Press onto the cover.

Interior equipment

A USB interface is located in the center console.


  • USB port Type A.
  • For charging mobile devices and for data transfer.
  • Charge current: max. 1.5 A.

In the rear center console

Interior equipment

A USB interface with two USB ports is located in the center console in the rear.


  • USB port Type C.
  • For charging of mobile devices.
  • Charge current: max. 3 A per connection.


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