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BMW 3: Emergency Stop Assistant


If the driver is no longer fit to drive, the system helps to safely bring the vehicle to a standstill.

General information

The emergency stop function is not triggered automatically. The emergency stop function can only be triggered manually by the occupants.

When the system is activated, the vehicle is brought to a standstill in its own lane by use of lane guidance.

Depending on the equipment version and national market version, the system includes a lane change function.

With lane change function: On motorways or motorway- like roads, the system steers the vehicle to the side of the road or shoulder where possible.

On other roads or under high traffic conditions, the vehicle is brought to a standstill on the actual road.



Parking brake

Functional requirements

  • The function can be activated at speeds of approx. 6 mph/10 km/h up to approx. 155 mph/250 km/h.
  • Lane changes are executed at speeds of approx. 43 mph/70 km/h up to approx.62 mph/100 km/h.

Activating the emergency stop function

Pull the switch for the parking brake briefly to activate the emergency stop function.

  • With lane change function: Releasing the switch may trigger an automatic lane change.
  • The system will take control of the vehicle for a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • The hazard warning system is switched on.
  • An Emergency Request is triggered.

Canceling the emergency stop function

The driver can cancel the emergency stop function by actively taking control of the vehicle throughout the entire process.

For instance, the emergency stop function will be canceled in the following situations:

  • When steering.
  • When using the turn signal.
  • During acceleration.
  • When switching off the hazard warning system.
  • When canceling the Emergency Request.
  • When switching the selector lever position at standstill.
  • When the driver's foot remains on the accelerator pedal after the function has been triggered.
  • When the switch of the parking brake is pressed.

At standstill

As soon as the vehicle is stationary, the system will carry out the following settings:

  • Selector lever position P is engaged.
  • Parking brake is set.
  • Interior lights are switched on.
  • Central locking system is unlocked.

Displays in the instrument cluster

Emergency Stop function active.

Without lane change function:

Green steering wheel symbol: When lane markings are detected, the system keeps the vehicle in the lane.

  Gray steering wheel symbol: Lane guidance is briefly interrupted.

Yellow steering wheel symbol: Lane marking driven over.

When lane markings are detected, the system keeps the vehicle in the lane.

Yellow steering wheel symbol: The hands are not grasping the steering wheel. The system is still active.

Red steering wheel symbol and a signal sounds: The hands are not grasping the steering wheel. Interruption of lane guidance is imminent.

Red steering wheel symbol and a signal sounds: Lane guidance is switched off.

System limits

Use the system only in the event of a driver failure.

The system cannot replace the driving performance of a driver who is fit to drive.


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