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BMW 3: Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2024) Owners Manual / Set-up and use / Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel

Manually adjustable seats

Set-up and use

  1. Forward/backward
  2. Thigh support
  3. Seat tilt
  4. Backrest width
  5. Lumbar support
  6. Height
  7. Backrest tilt

Electrically adjustable seats

Set-up and use

  1. Backrest width
  2. Forward/backward, height, seat tilt
  3. Backrest tilt
  4. Lumbar support

Adjusting the head restraint


Set-up and use

  • To lower: press the button, arrow 1, and push the head restraint down.
  • To raise: push the head restraint up.

After setting the height, make sure that the head restraint engages correctly.

For equipment specification with M sport seat: The height of the head restraints cannot be adjusted.

Distance to the back of the head

Set-up and use

  • Back: press the button and push the head restraint toward the rear.
  • Forward: pull the head restraint toward the front.

Adjusting the exterior mirrors

Set-up and use

  1. Adjusting
  2. Selecting a mirror, Automatic Curb Monitor
  3. Folding in and out

Adjusting the steering wheel

Manual steering wheel adjustment

Set-up and use

1. Fold the lever down.

2. Move the steering wheel to the preferred height and angle to suit your seating position.

3. Fold the lever back up.

Memory function


The following settings can be stored and, if necessary, retrieved using the memory function:

  • Seat position.
  • Exterior mirror position.
  • Height of the Head-up Display.


1. Set the desired position.

2. Press button on the door. The writing on the button lights up.

3. Press the desired button 1 or 2 at the door while the writing is lit. A signal sounds.

Calling up settings

Press the desired button 1 or 2.




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