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BMW 3: Sport displays


The Sport displays especially support a sporty driving style.

Display on the Control Display


The following information is displayed:

  • Boost pressure.
  • Engine oil temperature.
  • Acceleration power.
  • Torque.
  • Power.


Via iDrive:

1. "CAR".

2. "Driving information".

3. "Sport displays".

Display in the instrument cluster

The Sport displays can be displayed in form of two widgets in the instrument cluster.

The following widgets can be selected:

  • Widget for torque and power.
  • Widget for acceleration power.

Vehicle status

General information

The status can be displayed and actions performed for several systems.

Opening the vehicle status

Via iDrive:

1. "CAR"

2. "Vehicle status"

Information at a glance

"Flat Tire Monitor": status of the Flat Tire Monitor.

"Tire Pressure Monitor": status of the Tire Pressure Monitor.

"Engine oil level": electronic oil measurement.

"Check Control messages": displaying stored Check Control messages.

"Service schedule": displaying service requirements.

"TeleService Call": Service Request.


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