BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Vehicle battery

General information

The battery is maintenance-free.

More information about the battery can be requested from a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.

Safety information

Warning Vehicle batteries that are not compatible can damage vehicle systems and impair vehicle functions. There is a risk of an accident and damage to property. Only vehicle batteries that are compatible with your vehicle type should be installed in your vehicle. Information on compatible vehicle batteries is available at your dealer's service center.

Register the battery to the vehicle

The manufacturer of the vehicle recommends that you have a service center or another qualified service center or repair shop register the vehicle battery to the vehicle after the battery has been replaced. Once the battery has been registered again, all comfort features will be available without restriction and any Check Control messages displayed which relate to comfort features will disappear.

Charging the battery

General information

Make sure that the battery is always sufficiently charged to guarantee that the battery remains usable for its full service life.

A discharged battery is indicated by a red indicator light.

Charge the battery in the following situations:

  • When the inspection glass on the top of the battery is black.
  • When the take-off performance is insufficient.

The following circumstances can have a negative effect on the performance of the battery:

  • Frequent short-distance drives.
  • The vehicle is not used for more than a month.

Safety information

NOTICE Battery chargers for the vehicle battery can work with high voltages and currents, which means that the 12 volt on-board network can be overloaded or damaged. There is a risk of damage to property. Only connect battery chargers for the vehicle battery to the starting aid terminals in the engine compartment.

Charging the battery

Charge the battery only when the engine is off and via the starting aid terminals in the engine compartment.

Power failure

After a power loss, some equipment needs to be newly initialized or individual settings updated, for example:

  • Memory function: store the positions again.
  • Time: update.
  • Date: update.
  • Glass sunroof: initialize the system.

Disposing of old batteries

Have old batteries disposed of by a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop or take them to a collection point.

Maintain the filled battery in an upright position for transport and storage. Secure the battery so that it does not tip over during transport.



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