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All requirements are met and all required steps were completed in the specified order. Despite that, the mobile device does not function as expected.

In this case, the following explanations can help: Why could the mobile phone not be paired or connected?

  • There are too many Bluetooth devices connected to the mobile phone or vehicle.

    In the vehicle, delete Bluetooth connections with other devices.

    Delete the Bluetooth connection from the device list on the mobile phone and start a new device search.

    Too many Bluetooth devices with the same function are paired.

  • The mobile phone is in power-save mode or has only a limited remaining battery life.

    Charge the mobile phone and deactivate the power-save mode where required.

Why does the mobile phone no longer react?

  • The applications on the mobile phone do not function anymore.

    Switch the mobile phone off and on again.

  • Too high or too low ambient temperature for mobile phone operation.

    Do not subject the mobile phone to extreme ambient temperatures.

Why can phone functions not be used via iDrive?

  • Phone functions are not configured for the mobile phone.

    Connect the mobile phone with the telephone function.

Why are no or not all phone book entries displayed or why are they incomplete?

  • Transmission of the phone book entries is not yet complete.
  • It is possible that only the phone book entries of the mobile phone or the SIM card are transmitted.
  • It may not be possible to display phone book entries with special characters.
  • It may not be possible to transmit contacts from social networks.
  • The number of phone book entries to be transmitted is too high.
  • Data volume of the contact too large, for instance due to stored information such as notes.

    Reduce the data volume of the contact.

  • A mobile phone can only be connected as audio source or as telephone.

    Configure the mobile phone and connect it with the telephone function.

  • Contact was created in the contact list of the phone after the last synchronization.

    Synchronize contacts again: "Reload contacts"

How can the phone connection quality be improved?

  • Adjust the strength of the Bluetooth signal on the mobile phone, depending on the mobile phone.
  • Insert the mobile phone into the wireless charging tray.
  • Adjust the volume of the microphone separately in the sound settings.

If all points in this list have been checked and the required function is still not available, contact the hotline, a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.


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