BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Adapted control units

It was necessary to adapt the IHKA to enable activation of the electric A/C compressor (EKK) in all operating conditions. The electric A/C compressor control unit communicates with the IHKA via the LIN bus.

To be able to show additional displays for driving readiness, electric driving, brake energy regeneration and state of charge of the high-voltage battery unit which are relevant to the driver, the instrument cluster was adapted. In addition, the Check Control messages were enhanced with hybrid-specific messages.

The software of the Digital Engine Electronics (DME) was adapted due to the torque coordination of the electrical machine/combustion engine.

Rollover detection is required for the hybrid cars on a worldwide scale so that the high-voltage system is deactivated in the event of the car rolling over. Rollover detection is implemented with the help of the sensors integrated in the ACSM control unit (roll rate sensor and vertical acceleration sensor).

The ACSM had to be adapted with regard to the evaluation of these sensor signals. The safety battery terminal at the auxiliary battery is activated by the ACSM if required.

The software of the Dynamic Stability Control DSC was adapted for the regenerative braking. This includes reading the brake pedal angle sensor which is wired directly to the DSC control unit.

The EGS control unit was adapted due to the modified transmission. For instance the electric transmission oil pump is controlled by the EGS control unit.

The receiver audio module RAM also assumes the actuation of the VSG speakers.


     Display and Operating Concept

     Driving modes


    The driving and drive system modes are activated via the Driving Experience Control. The separate eDrive button, as known from the F30 PHEV, which can be used to shift through the drive system modes


     BMW Roadside Assistance

    Concept Contact the BMW Group Roadside Assistance if assistance is needed in the event of a breakdown. General information In the event of a breakdown, data on the vehicle's condition is transmitted to the BMW Roadside Assistance. There are various ways of contacting BMW Roadside Assistance. Via

     ConnectedDrive Services

    Functional requirements Subscription to the optional Convenience Plan. The date setting on the Control Display is current, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle. Cellular network reception must be available. ConnectedDrive Store Concept In vehicles with specific technical requirements, various s

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