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BMW 3: Possible commands

General information

Most contents on the Control Display can be spoken as commands, e.g. menu items or list entries.

Speak these list entries out loud exactly as they are shown in the list.

Say the commands and numbers with normal volume, emphasis, and speed.

The status of the voice recognition is displayed in the upper area of the Control Display.

Function examples

Menu items

The commands of the menu items are spoken just as they are selected via the Controller.

1. Press the button on the steering wheel.

2. ›Media and radio‹.

3. ›Presets‹ The stored stations are displayed on the Control Display.


Destinations can be entered in the navigation system using the voice activation system. It is also possible to say Points of Interest or have traffic reports announced.

  • ›Drive me to 300 Chestnut Ridge Road, Woodcliff Lake in New Jersey‹.
  • ›Take me home‹.
  • ›Are there any traffic messages‹?


For example, when a mobile phone is connected, the voice activation system can be used to start calls or send SMS.

  • ›Call John Doe on cell phone‹.
  • ›Dial the number 1 8 0 0 8 3 1 1 1 1 7‹.
  • ›New text message to John Doe: I'll be right there‹.

Media and Radio

Most radio functions can be used via voice operation.

  • ›Turn on music‹.
  • ›Music off‹.
  • ›Next title‹.

Climate control

Most climate control functions can be used via voice.

  • ›Activate climate control‹.
  • ›Deactivate ... air recirculation‹.
  • ›Temperature [...] at ...‹.

Help on the voice activation system

  • To have the available spoken instructions read out loud: ›Voice commands‹.
  • To have information on the operating principle of the voice activation system read out loud: ›General information on voice control‹.
  • To have help for the current menu read out loud: ›Help‹.

Information for Emergency Requests

Do not use the voice activation system to initiate an Emergency Request. In stressful situations, the voice and vocal pitch can change. This can unnecessarily delay the establishment of a phone connection.



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