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BMW 3: Bus Systems

The bus systems of the G20 PHEV are based on the bus systems of the G20. All the main and sub-bus systems of the G20 are also used in the G20 PHEV. Compared to the bus systems of the G20, some control units have been added, adapted or not installed. The resulting bus overview of the G20 PHEV is as follows:


 New schematic diagram

The representation of the individual bus systems and their designations have been adapted to the representation and the designation of the ISTA workshop information system. The following table provi

 New control units

Compared with the G20, a number of new control units have been installed in the G20 PHEV.

 Electrical machine electronics (EME)

Electrical machine electronics The function of the Electrical Machine Electronics (EME) is to activate and regulate the permanently excited synchronous machine in the high-voltage vehicle electrical


 Speed warning

Concept A speed limit can be set that when reached will cause a warning to be issued. General information The warning is repeated if the vehicle speed exceeds the set speed limit again, after it has dropped below it by 3 mph/5 km/h. Adjusting Via iDrive: 1. "CAR". 2. "Settings". 3. "General settin


Buttons on the steering wheel With steering and traffic jam assistant: Cruise control on/off. With steering and traffic jam assistant: Select function. Without steering and traffic jam assistant: Cruise control on/off. Store current speed. Speed Limit Assist: take over suggested speed manual

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