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BMW 3: Vehicle Sound Generator (VSG)

In the G20 PHEV an acoustic protection for pedestrians is used as standard. To protect pedestrians a distinctive sound created specially for electric BMW models is generated during electric driving.

In comparison with the predecessor model, this is no longer a K CAN3 control unit with integrated loudspeaker. The VSG control unit has been integrated into the Receiver Audio Module (RAM), which is therefore also responsible for actuation of the VSG loudspeakers.

New control units
G20 PHEV, Vehicle Sound Generator

  1. VSG front loudspeaker
  2. Receiver Audio Module (RAM)
  3. VSG rear loudspeaker

When stationary and when driving up to approximately 18 mph (30 km/h), the RAM generates artificial engine noise via the VSG loudspeakers which gradually becomes quieter as the speed increases. The engine noise is the same when driving forwards and reversing.

New control units
System wiring diagram for Vehicle Sound Generator (US version)

  1. VSG front loudspeaker
  2. Fuse for rear right power distribution box
  3. VSG rear loudspeaker
  4. Receiver Audio Module (RAM)

Due to legal requirements, the VSG is installed in every vehicle that has a purely electric drive.

Deactivation of the function via the iDrive menu is no longer possible.


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