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BMW 3: Low-voltage Vehicle Electrical System

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2023) Training manual / Low-voltage Vehicle Electrical System


 Voltage supply

The 12 V vehicle electrical system of the G20 PHEV is essentially the same as the electrical system of the G20. The main difference lies in the fact that the power supply is no longer by the al

 Start-up system

Starter motor The combustion engine B46 can be started via the conventional starter motor and the electrical machine. The following table shows when and under which conditions the respective start

 Terminal control for driving readiness

Terminal control from driver's view Vehicle condition - DRIVING Vehicle condition - RESIDING Vehicle condition - PARKING Transitional condition for establishing driving readiness, ending driv


 Engine compartment

Overview Jump-starting, positive battery terminal Oil filler neck Coolant reservoir, auxiliary cooling Coolant reservoir, engine Jump-starting, negative battery terminal Vehicle identification number Filler neck for washer fluid Hood Safety information Warning Improperly executed work in

 Standard charging cable

The standard charging cable is designed for mobile use. All protection and communication devices of the standard charging cable are integrated in the so-called "in-cable control box". The volume and weight of this solution is low and the charging cable can be easily transported in the vehicle. I

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