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BMW 3: Charging socket at the vehicle

The charging socket of the G20 PHEV is located on the front left side panel. The charging socket cover is locked and unlocked using an electric motor. This electric motor drive is controlled by the convenience charging electronics. The charging socket cover can be opened only in selector lever position P and with unlocked vehicle central locking system. It can be opened after unlocking by pressing on the charging socket cover.

The charging socket cover and the connector assignment are shown in the following graphic:

General information on charging
G20 PHEV, charging socket at the vehicle

  1. Charge status indicator
  2. Connection for neutral conductor N
  3. Connection for phase L1
  4. Connection for proximity line
  5. Connection for protective earth (ground)
  6. Connection for pilot line
  7. Charging socket cover locking mechanism
  8. Charging socket cover

The high-voltage cables of the charging socket are connected to the convenience charging electronics. Phase L1 and neutral conductor N are designed as shielded high-voltage cables and are terminated with a round high-voltage connector at the alternating current connection of the convenience charging electronics. The pilot line and the line for the charging plug detection (proximity line) are realized as simple signal lines. These signal lines are also shielded and are terminated via a plug adapter at a connector in the convenience charging electronics. The protective earth is connected electrically to ground in close proximity to the charging socket. This way the ground is earthed via the connected EVSE.

On the US version, (Type 1 connector), the connector is locked as long as the vehicle is locked.

The charge status indicator is located at the vehicle charging socket. The lighting of the charge status indicator is provided by an RGB LED, which is controlled by the convenience charging electronics.

The charging socket at the vehicle can only be replaced together with the high-voltage cable as one unit.


     Convenience charging electronics

    The convenience charging electronics (KLE) enables communication between the vehicle and charging station. Convenience charging electronics KLE Ventilation opening Low-voltage connection/signal c

     Coordinating the charging procedure

    Coordination for starting and ending the charging procedure is performed by the high-voltage power management in the EME. The following actions required by the customer at the start of the charging

     Actuation of the charge status indicator

    The convenience charging electronics actuate the charge status indicator. Locator lighting: The locator lighting of the charging socket is used as an orientation aid by the driver for the connection


     System limits

    Temperature The tire inflation pressure depends on the tire's temperature. Driving or exposure to the sun will increase the tire's temperature, thus increasing the tire inflation pressure. The tire inflation pressure is reduced when the tire temperature falls again. These circumstances may cause

     Integrated key

    General information The driver's door can be locked and unlocked without the vehicle key using the integrated key. The integrated key also fits the glove compartment. Safety information Warning For some country versions, unlocking from the inside is only possible with special knowledge. Persons w

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