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BMW 3: Power electronics in the convenience charging electronics

The power electronics for the conversion of the AC voltage from the charging socket to direct current voltage, which is required for charging the high-voltage battery unit, are housed in the convenience charging electronics. The AC voltage is supplied as a single phase. The input voltage, which can be processed by the convenience charging electronics, may be in the following range: 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

The power electronics module is a unidirectional AC/DC converter, i.e. a rectifier. Input and output are electrically isolated.

At the output, the convenience charging electronics supply an electronically adjustable direct current voltage or an electronically adjustable direct current flow. The specifications for the output voltage and the output current come from the function "High-voltage power management" in the EME control unit.

The values are calculated and adjusted by the EME so that the high-voltage battery unit is optimally charged and the other consumers in the G20 PHEV are supplied with sufficient electrical energy.

The convenience charging electronics is designed so it can provide a maximum electrical power of 3.7 kW on the output side.

Energy-optimized charging mode

Energy-optimized charging mode is a measure for improving charging efficiency. It involves only operating the control units required for charging mode in the on-board communications network.

All other control units on terminal 30B are not operated.


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