BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Introduction

The function of the brake system of the G20 PHEV is to decelerate the vehicle safely under stable conditions. Vehicle deceleration is made up of the following elements:

  • Conventional hydraulic braking
  • Regenerative braking

Thanks to regenerative braking it is possible to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electrical energy with the help of the electrical machine, and to therefore charge the high-voltage battery unit.

The service brake of the G20 PHEV is based on that of a conventional G20. In this chapter only the hybrid-specific components and functions are described.

In comparison to the conventional G20, the following new or modified components are used:

  • Brake pedal travel sensor
  • Brake vacuum pressure sensor
  • Modified vacuum brake system
  • Modified DSC unit


     System overview

    System overview of hybrid brake system Hydraulic braking Signal path Regenerative braking High-voltage battery unit Electric Motor Electronics (EME) Electric motor Drive train Digital Moto

     Hydraulic braking

    G20 PHEV, hydraulic braking The brake booster is operated via the driver's foot operation, and the brake actuation is determined by means of the brake pedal angle sensor. Depending on the brak

     Regenerative braking

    The regenerative braking makes possible brake energy regeneration. The electrical machine works here as an alternator and brakes the gears via automatic transmission - propeller shaft - re



    Adaptive recuperation is used in the G20 PHEV. Here, the application and extent of coasting recuperation (and the resulting vehicle deceleration) is adapted intelligently and depending on the traffic situation and the stretch of road. The function decides automatically whether the vehicle co


    Three signs are attached to the housing of the high-voltage battery unit: 1 type plate and 2 warning stickers. The type plate provides logistical information (e.g. part number) and the key technical data (e.g. nominal voltage). The warning stickers point to the lithium-ion technology on the one h

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