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BMW 3: Installation locations and connections

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2023) Training manual / Electrical Heating / Installation locations and connections

Installation locations and connections
G20 PHEV, heater circuit

  1. Electric coolant pump
  2. Connection to the coolant circuit
  3. Heat exchanger for heating system
  4. Electrical heating
  5. Electrical changeover valve

Installation locations and connections
Connections at the electric heating

  1. Coolant feed line (from the electric coolant pump)
  2. Coolant feed line (to the heat exchanger for heating system)
  3. Coolant temperature sensor
  4. Equipotential bonding line connection
  5. Signal connector (low-voltage connector)
  6. Coolant temperature sensor connection
  7. High-voltage connector connection
  8. Housing


     Operating principle

    If the driver adjusts a desired temperature at the IHKA controls, the IHKA calculates a corresponding nominal temperature and compares it to the actual output temperature of the electrical heating.

     Low coolant temperature

    When the coolant temperature is low, for example after driving off, or in all-electric driving, the electric changeover valve is activated by the Body Domain Controller (BDC). The electrical changeo

     Antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor

    The cooling system of the G20 PHEV is filled with the new antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor Frostox HT-12. The new antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor increases the long-term stability and corrosion


     Washer fluid

    General information All washer nozzles are supplied from one reservoir. Use a mixture of tap water and windshield washer concentrate. If desired, a windshield washer concentrate containing antifreeze can be used. Recommended minimum fill quantity: 0.2 US gal/1 liter. Safety information Warning So


    In the HYBRID driving mode, the vehicle chooses the optimum drive combination depending on the state of charge of the high-voltage battery unit and accelerator pedal position. If the driver's power request exceeds the maximum available electrical power, the combustion engine is activated automati

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