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BMW 3: Antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor

The cooling system of the G20 PHEV is filled with the new antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor Frostox HT-12. The new antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor increases the long-term stability and corrosion protection of the components. It replaces the well-known antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor Glysantin G48.

Like G48, HT-12 contains silicate and forms a silicate passivation layer on metallic component surfaces to prevent corrosion. The familiar mixture of water and coolant concentrate in the ratio 50:50 is used as coolant.

Antifreeze and corrosion inhibitors cannot be mixed with each other in any manner. If they are mixed, it may cause the antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor to gel, thus causing damage. The selection of the correct antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor is only possible via the workshop information system using the part number.

Automated coolant bleeding routine

When components have been exchanged on the high-temperature coolant circuit or the cooling system has been filled, an automated coolant bleeding routine must be carried out. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the components to be cooled.

The actuators in the cooling system are activated during the automated coolant bleeding routine.

The automated coolant bleeding routine is completed after around 10 minutes.

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled to be able to carry out an automated coolant bleeding routine on the high-temperature coolant circuit:

  • Charging cable not connected at the high-voltage connection
  • Check and if necessary correct coolant level in the expansion tank
  • Close hood
  • Activate PAD mode
  • Set temperature of the integrated automatic heating/air conditioning system to the highest temperature
  • Select lowest blower speed.

Proceed as follows to start the automated coolant bleeding routine:

  • Press the accelerator pedal as far as the limit position for at least 10 seconds (do not press the brake pedal while doing so)
  • Release accelerator
  • When the brake pedal is actuated press the start/stop button and at the same time briefly press the accelerator pedal, combustion engine starts
  • Release the pedals and start/stop button.

The starting and ending of the automated coolant bleeding routine is displayed in the instrument cluster. The speed of the combustion engine is increased and varies while the coolant bleeding routine is active.

After the service function is completed allow the combustion engine to cool down (risk of scalding) and check the coolant level in the expansion tank, correct if necessary.



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