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BMW 3: General information

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Contains important safety information and information that needs to be observed strictly in order to guarantee the smooth operation of the system.

Originally Published: April 2019

BMW Group vehicles meet the requirements of the highest safety and quality standards. Changes in requirements for environmental protection, customer benefits and design render necessary continuous development of systems and components. Consequently, there may be discrepancies between the contents of this document and the vehicles available in the training course.

The information contained in the training course materials is solely intended for participants in this training course conducted by BMW Group Technical Training Centers, or BMW Group Contract Training Facilities.

This training manual or any attached publication is not intended to be a complete and all inclusive source for repair and maintenance data. It is only part of a training information system designed to assure that uniform procedures and information are presented to all participants.

For changes/additions to the technical data, repair procedures, please refer to the current information issued by BMW of North America, LLC, Technical Service Department.

Additional sources of information

Further information on the individual topics can be found in the following:

  • Owner's Handbook
  • Integrated Service Technical Application
  • Aftersales Information Research (AIR)


As an innovative plug-in hybrid, the new BMW 330e Sedan combines the best of two worlds and exudes special innovative strength and modern sportiness. The BMW eDrive electric motor enables extremely efficient driving with zero local emissions. At the same time, the BMW 330e Sedan is characterized by its typical BMW driving dynamics.

When the electric drive and the BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder gasoline engine work together, the vehicle achieves particularly high agility and an impressive performance.

Basic information on the topic of high-voltage technology can be found in the listed documents:

Basic information

  • I01 Complete Vehicle Reference Manual
  • High-voltage Safe Working Practices Reference Manual

Basic information

Only Service employees who satisfy all the prerequisites are permitted to work on the designated high-voltage components: suitable qualifications, compliance with the safety rules, procedure following the exact repair instructions.



    Qualification to work on the high-voltage system of the G20 PHEV (Hybrid Generation 4.0) can be acquired via the respective web-based training if the service employee meets the following prereq


    With the new BMW 330e, BMW is adding another innovative model type to The Ultimate Driving Machine. It is another vehicle of the new Hybrid Generation 4.0, which have primarily higher ranges than th

     Identifying features


     Snow chains

    Safety information Warning With the mounting of snow chains on unsuitable tires, the snow chains can come into contact with vehicle parts. There may be a risk of accident or risk of damage to property. Only mount snow chains on tires that are designated by their manufacturer as suitable for the use

     Reducing fuel consumption

    General information The vehicle contains advanced technologies for the reduction of consumption and emission values. Fuel consumption depends on a number of different factors. Carrying out certain measures, such as a moderate driving style and regular maintenance, can influence fuel consumption an

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