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BMW 3: Training

Qualification to work on the high-voltage system of the G20 PHEV (Hybrid Generation 4.0) can be acquired via the respective web-based training if the service employee meets the following prerequisites:

Performing work on high-voltage components

  • Valid "High-voltage Components" certification for another vehicle of hybrid generation 3.0 with combustion engine


  • Valid "High-voltage Components" certification for another vehicle of hybrid generation 4.0 with combustion engine.

Work in the high-voltage battery unit

  • Valid "G20 PHEV High-voltage Battery" certification WBT


  • Valid "High-voltage Battery Unit" certification for another vehicle of high-voltage battery unit generation 3.0 and 4.0.

As the list indicates, a first-time qualification for hybrid generation 4.0 can be acquired via web- based training if the relevant valid qualification for hybrid generation 3.0 has already been obtained.

Face-to-face training specifically for qualification for hybrid generation 4.0 is not required.



    With the new BMW 330e, BMW is adding another innovative model type to The Ultimate Driving Machine. It is another vehicle of the new Hybrid Generation 4.0, which have primarily higher ranges than th

     Identifying features


    The model designation "iPerformance" and the associated exterior identifying features are no longer used for vehicles of hybrid generation 4.0. G20 PHEV, identifying features of exterior trim



    Buttons on the steering wheel Steering and traffic jam assistant on/ off. Switch function on. Radar sensors The radar sensors are located in the bumpers. Front center bumper. Front side bumper. Rear bumper. Always keep the bumper in the area of the radar sensors clean and unobstructed. Camera

     Quick search

    Concept Depending on the equipment, Points of Interest and addresses can be searched for by entering a sequence of letters or by searching in the navigation data stored in the vehicle. All entries are displayed that include this text string. General information It is possible to search simultaneous

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