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BMW 3: Exterior

The model designation "iPerformance" and the associated exterior identifying features are no longer used for vehicles of hybrid generation 4.0.

G20 PHEV, identifying features of exterior trim

  1. Charging socket cover
  2. Model designation "330e" on the trunk on the right
  3. Acoustic cover with "eDrive" inscription

The acoustic cover of the combustion engine is significantly more unobtrusive with a smaller "eDrive" model inscription. The following exterior identifying features are no longer used:

  • "eDRIVE" inscription on both C-pillars
  • Hub cap with blue identification
  • "i" inscription on both front side panels
  • Blue marking of the air flaps.



    The interior equipment of the G20 PHEV also differs from the conventional G20 in various features. G20 PHEV interior identifying features Hybrid-specific displays in the instrument cluster (KOMBI)

     Technical data

    The following table provides an overview of the technical data of the G20 PHEV 330e compared with the G20 330i and the F30 PHEV 330e. * Values may increased, depending on the equipment. Equipment T

     Drive Components


     Opening the trunk lid

    General information If you open the trunk lid via Comfort Access, locked doors will not be unlocked. To avoid locking the vehicle key in the vehicle, do not place the vehicle key in the cargo area. Safety information Warning Body parts can be jammed when operating the trunk lid. There is a risk of


    The "charging" procedure for an electric vehicle corresponds to "refuelling" a conventionally driven vehicle. Accordingly, in this chapter "charging" means: Charging the high-voltage battery unit during operation. Charging procedure via a charging cable. As a charging cable is used, one also re

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