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BMW 3: Interior

The interior equipment of the G20 PHEV also differs from the conventional G20 in various features.

G20 PHEV interior identifying features

  1. Hybrid-specific displays in the instrument cluster (KOMBI)
  2. eDRIVE menus in the Central Information Display (CID)
  3. Refuelling button
  4. Driving Experience Control with the SPORT, HYBRID, ELECTRIC and ADAPTIVE driving modes

The hybrid-specific operating conditions and the state of charge of the high-voltage battery unit are displayed in the instrument cluster and if desired in the Central Information Display. The installation location of the refuelling button is in the front, bottom part of the door trim panel on the driver's side.

The interior space of the G20 PHEV remains unchanged compared with the G20. With the fuel tank in the luggage compartment, the luggage compartment capacity in the G20 PHEV is reduced by approximately 100 liters.


     Technical data

    The following table provides an overview of the technical data of the G20 PHEV 330e compared with the G20 330i and the F30 PHEV 330e. * Values may increased, depending on the equipment. Equipment T

     Drive Components


    In the G20 PHEV, the B46B20O1 is an element of the BMW hybrid drive. The 4-cylinder engine, which generates power of 135 kW (180 hp) and a maximum torque of 300 Nm, guarantees mo


     BMW Drive Recorder

    General information The system stores brief video recordings of the surrounding area of the vehicle, e.g., to document traffic events. Additionally, the following parameters are stored for the trip: Date. Time. Vehicle speed. GPS coordinates. General information There are various ways for stor

     General driving notes

    Closing the trunk lid Safety information Warning An open trunk lid protrudes from the vehicle and can endanger occupants and other traffic participants or damage the vehicle in the event of an accident, braking or evasive maneuvers. In addition, exhaust fumes may enter the car's interior. There is

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