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BMW 3: Concierge service


The Concierge service offers information on events, gas stations or hotels, and provides phone numbers and addresses. A voice connection to the Concierge service is established for this purpose. Many hotels can be booked directly by the BMW Concierge service. The Concierge service is part of the optional BMW Response Center Plan.

Starting Concierge service

1. "COM".

2. "BMW Assist".

3. "Concierge".

A voice connection to the Concierge service is established.

Remote Services


Remote Services enable some vehicle functions to be controlled remotely via the BMW Connected app. The app can be used to lock and unlock the vehicle, for instance.

Other functions may be available, depending on the vehicle.

General information

The vehicle is controlled via the BMW Connected app, which you can obtain for iOS from the Apple App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store.

Remote Services must first be activated in the ConnectedDrive customer portal or in the BMW Connected app before they can be used. An active BMW ConnectedDrive contract is required.

Alternatively, remote control of certain functions can also be requested via the BMW Connected‐ Drive Call Center.

The Owner's Manual for the BMW Connected App can be called up in the ConnectedDrive customer portal or at


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