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BMW 3: Apple CarPlay preparation


CarPlay allows certain functions of a compatible Apple iPhone to be used via Siri voice operation and iDrive.

General information

Depending on the country-specific version, Car‐ Play may not be available. Contact a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop for more detailed information.

The iPhone provides CarPlay and any associated apps. The scope and content depend on the device manufacturer and can vary depending on the country-specific version.

The following restrictions apply to an iPhone connected via CarPlay:

  • Not every app installed on the iPhone can be used via CarPlay.
  • Calling is only possible via CarPlay.
  • The iPhone cannot be paired as additional phone.
  • The phone book entries are not transferred into the vehicle.
  • Only one additional phone can be connected with the vehicle.
  • Using CarPlay can incur mobile telephony costs. These costs are not a part of the optional vehicle feature.

Functional requirements

The iPhone is connected to the vehicle, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.

Selecting CarPlay

CarPlay can be selected via the following menus:

  • "Apple CarPlay"
    The CarPlay menu is displayed.
  • "Media/Radio"
    "Now playing in Apple CarPlay" The iPhone music app opens.
  • "Enter destination"
    "Maps in CarPlay"
    The iPhone navigation app opens.
  • "Communication"
    "Phone in CarPlay"
    The iPhone phone app opens.


     Using CarPlay

    CarPlay can be used via iDrive and voice operation. Via voice operation: 1. Press and hold the button on the steering wheel, until the Siri Voice command response is activated on the iPhone. 2. Say

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