BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Connections

The connections at the Electrical Machine Electronics can be divided into four categories:

  • Low-voltage connections
  • High-voltage connections
  • Connection for potential compensation line
  • Connections for coolant lines.

Connections of the Electrical Machine Electronics with lines

  1. Connection for potential compensation line
  2. Low-voltage connector
  3. High-voltage cable (DC) to the high-voltage battery unit
  4. High-voltage connection to convenience charging electronics
  5. Output, DC/DC converter -12 V
  6. High-voltage cable (AC) to the electrical machine
  7. Coolant feed line
  8. Coolant return line
  9. Output, DC/DC converter +12 V
  10. Ventilation


 Low-voltage connections

In the low-voltage connector at the Electrical Machine Electronics the following lines and signals are combined: Terminal 30 from the hybrid power distribution box Terminal 30 from the f

 High-voltage connections

At the Electrical Machine Electronics, there is a total of three high-voltage connections to connect the lines for other high-voltage components. The connections for the electric A/C compressor and

 High-voltage cables

The high-voltage cables connect the high-voltage components and are identified by orange cable sleeves. The manufacturers of hybrid cars have agreed on a uniform identification of the high-voltage c


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