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BMW 3: High-voltage connections

At the Electrical Machine Electronics, there is a total of three high-voltage connections to connect the lines for other high-voltage components. The connections for the electric A/C compressor and the electrical heating are on the convenience charging electronics.


The following simplified wiring diagram shows the high-voltage connections between the Electrical Machine Electronics and the other high-voltage components.

High-voltage connections of the Electrical Machine Electronics

  1. Electrical heating
  2. Electric motor
  3. High-voltage battery unit
  4. 12 V battery
  5. Charging socket
  6. Electric A/C compressor
  7. Unidirectional AC/DC converter
  8. Convenience charging electronics
  9. Electrical Machine Electronics
  10. Bidirectional DC/AC converter
  11. Unidirectional DC/DC converter
  12. Anti-overload current guard (90 A)


     High-voltage cables

    The high-voltage cables connect the high-voltage components and are identified by orange cable sleeves. The manufacturers of hybrid cars have agreed on a uniform identification of the high-voltage c

     Removing the flat high-voltage connector

    Bridge for high-voltage interlock loop Before the high-voltage connector can be disconnected, the bridge for the high-voltage interlock loop must first be removed. The bridge closes the circuit

     Removing the round high-voltage connector

    The following figures show the approach for releasing the round high-voltage connector, as used for example on the high-voltage cable from the Electrical Machine Electronics to the convenience charg


     Steering and traffic jam assistant

    Concept The system assists the driver in keeping the vehicle within the lane. For this purpose, the system executes supporting steering movements, for instance when driving in a curve. General information The system determines the position of the lane markings and the vehicle driving ahead using fiv

     Functional requirements

    Compatible device, with Bluetooth interface. The vehicle key is in the vehicle. The device is ready for operation. Bluetooth is switched on in the vehicle and on the device. The pairing readiness is displayed on the Control Display. Bluetooth presettings, such as visibility, may be requir

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