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BMW 3: Displays in the instrument cluster

Displays of operating conditions

The hybrid-specific operating states and the state of charge of the high-voltage battery unit are displayed in the instrument cluster and, if desired, in the Central Information Display (CID).

The displays shown below may appear, depending on the driving situation and driving mode.

Displays in the instrument cluster
G20 PHEV, hybrid-specific instrument cluster

  1. All-electric driving is possible within this speed range. In the ELECTRIC driving mode, the range up to 140 km/h (87 mph) is highlighted
  2. Display of the driving mode
  3. eBoost: the needle is in the eBoost range during powerful acceleration
  4. All-electric driving distance travelled
  5. eDRIVE range: All-electric driving is possible within this range
  6. READY: Driving readiness established
  7. CHARGE: The needle shows the energy recovery as a function of the deceleration or brake pedal actuation intensity
  8. State of charge of high-voltage battery unit with new battery symbol complying with standard
  9. Remaining electric range

In the instrument cluster, the driver is provided with a visual acknowledgement about the level of requested power.

Depending on the activated driving mode, the following additional information is displayed in the form of widgets in the right-hand area of the instrument cluster (KOMBI).


  • Current consumption (fuel)
  • Consumption display (fuel)
  • Average consumption (fuel)
  • Distance recorder for driving without combustion engine


  • Current consumption (electrical energy)
  • Consumption display (electrical energy)
  • Average consumption (electrical energy)
  • Distance recorder for driving without combustion engine


  • Coolant temperature

Display modes

The following graphic shows the instrument cluster (KOMBI) in the various driving modes:

Displays in the instrument cluster
G20 PHEV, driving modes in the instrument cluster

  3. SPORT


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