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BMW 3: Heat management module

The heat management module replaces the characteristic map thermostat.

Heat management module
Heat management module

  1. Electrical Split Cooling Valve (SCV)
  2. Coolant output towards the coolant pump
  3. Electrical actuator
  4. Rotary valve

A rotary valve inside the heat management module ensures needs-driven cooling of the various engine components. The opening cross-sections of the various coolant ducts can be opened or closed variably. A position sensor in the electrical actuator of the heat management module forwards the current position of the rotary valve to the Digital Motor Electronics (DME). The exact position of the rotary valve can thus be determined so that it opens or closes a precisely defined cross-section with respect to the various coolant ducts. Adjusting the cross-sections ideally adapts the flow rates of the coolant ducts connected to the heat management module to the engine operating points. To correctly position the rotary valve, the Digital Motor Electronics (DME) require information including the coolant temperature from the coolant temperature sensor, and the material temperature of the cylinder head from the component temperature sensor .Warm-up and cooling of the engine and the supply to ancillary components can be implemented as driven by requirements, thus optimizing consumption.


     Operating strategy

    The following graphic shows the positions of the rotary valve as the coolant temperature increases: Switching diagram heat management module 0% - Rotary valve closed 100% - Rotary valve open Cold

     Operating temperature

    The positions of the rotary valve at engine operating temperature are shown by area C of the heat management module circuit diagram. Operating temperature The graphic shows control with the engine a

     Coolant pump

    The layout and function of the coolant pump have been revised and adapted to match the cooling concept of the B46TU/B48TU engines. Coolant pump Pressure relief valve closed (pressure <


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