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BMW 3: Engine identification

B46TU engine

Engine identification
Engine identification - transverse mounted shown

B48TU engine

Engine identification
Engine identification - transverse mounted shown

  1. Engine number
  2. Engine identification

The 7-digit engine identification is located on the crankcase in the area of the mounting for the crankshaft alignment pin. The first 6 digits of the engine identification code. Only the seventh digit is different. The seventh digit of the engine identification code is the test number of the type approval certification.

The 4th digit in the engine identification shown above is an A, this represents its a transverse mounted engine that will be installed in the F39 M35i. The G20 and G29 will have a B in the 4th position that represents the engine is longitudinal mounted.

The consecutive engine number is embossed above the engine identification. Using these two numbers the engine can be clearly identified by the manufacturer.

Technical data

The B46B20O1 and B46B20T1 engine is described:

Technical data

Model overview

The table below provides an overview of the models in which the new B46TU and B48TU engine is used.

Technical data


     Engine Mechanical

     Engine housing, Crankshaft drive

    Engine housing Cylinder head The cylinder head is made of aluminum. Only slight modifications have been made to the B46TU head compared to the B46. Cylinder head Crankshaft drive Crankshaft Comparis

     Connecting rod - Crankshaft drive

    Connecting rod Piston Area transferring the force Wrist pin Connecting rod bearing with shaped bore hole Connecting rod Connecting rod bearing (B46TU only) Small connecting rod eye (trapezoid



    General information The behavior of the vehicle during unlocking via the Comfort Access depends on the following settings: If the unlocking of the vehicle is confirmed with a light signal or a sound signal. If the welcome light is switched on when the vehicle is being unlocked. If the exterior

     Sun visor

    Glare shield Fold the sun visor down or up. Glare shield from the side Folding out 1. Fold the sun visor down. 2. Unhook it from the holder and swing it to the side. 3. Move it back to the desired position. Folding up Proceed in the reverse order to close the sun visor. Vanity mirror A vanity mirr

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