BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Connecting rod - Crankshaft drive

Crankshaft drive
Connecting rod

  1. Piston
  2. Area transferring the force
  3. Wrist pin
  4. Connecting rod bearing with shaped bore hole
  5. Connecting rod
  6. Connecting rod bearing (B46TU only)
  7. Small connecting rod eye (trapezoidal shape)
  8. Large connecting rod eye (cracked)
  9. Connecting rod bolts of the connecting rod bearing cap
  10. Connecting rod bearing shell of the connecting rod bearing cap
  11. Connecting rod bearing shell of the connecting rod (IROX-coated)

The drop-forged cracked connecting rods with IROX coating are known from the B38/B46 engines.


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