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BMW 3: Engine housing, Crankshaft drive

Engine housing

Cylinder head

The cylinder head is made of aluminum.

Only slight modifications have been made to the B46TU head compared to the B46.

Engine housing
Cylinder head

Crankshaft drive


Comparison B46 crankshaft with B46TU crankshaft

The crankshaft of the B46TU engine have been revised. Material adaptations have to both the counterweights and the connecting rod bearing journals have made it possible to achieve weight savings of up to 1043 g (2.3 lbs).

A reinforced crankshaft with larger main bearing diameter is used in the B48A20T1 engine.

Crankshaft drive
Comparison of crankshaft B46 engine with B46TU engine

  1. Crankshaft of B46 engine
  2. Crankshaft B46TU engine


     Connecting rod - Crankshaft drive

    Connecting rod Piston Area transferring the force Wrist pin Connecting rod bearing with shaped bore hole Connecting rod Connecting rod bearing (B46TU only) Small connecting rod eye (trapezoid

     IROX coating - Crankshaft drive

    Detailed magnification of the IROX coating IROX-coated bearing shell Oil film IROX coating Bearing shell Binding resin Hard particle Solid lubricant The IROX coating is applied to a conventi

     Chain drive - Crankshaft drive

    Features: Chain drive at the side of the engine emitting the forces. Single-part chain drive for driving the camshafts. Single sleeve-type chain 8 mm. Electric motor of the combined oil-vacu



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     Operating temperature

    The positions of the rotary valve at engine operating temperature are shown by area C of the heat management module circuit diagram. Operating temperature The graphic shows control with the engine at operating temperature. The position of the rotary valve means that the cross-sections of the resp

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