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BMW 3: Split screen


Additional information for the navigation can be displayed in the right part of the split screen.

Switching on/off

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Move the Controller to the right.

3. "Split screen".

4. "Split screen"

Selecting the display

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Move the Controller to the right.

3. "Split screen".

4. Select the desired setting.

Route preview


If destination guidance is active, the destination guidance hints can be displayed as list in the split screen.

General information

In the case of multi-lane roads, lane information may indicate the recommended lanes.

The current vehicle position can also be displayed in the lane information Depending on the country-specific version, the display may deviate from what is depicted.


Navigation system

  1. Turn information
  2. Upcoming street
  3. Distance to maneuver
  4. Lane information
  5. Current road


     Navigation data

    General information Navigation data is stored in the vehicle and can be updated from a USB storage device. Current navigation data is available from a dealer's service center or another qualified ser

     Destination input

     Quick search

    Concept Depending on the equipment, Points of Interest and addresses can be searched for by entering a sequence of letters or by searching in the navigation data stored in the vehicle. All entries ar


     Route guidance

    Adaptive recuperation uses the data and calculations of the route-ahead assistant. In this way, adaptive recuperation can be used by the navigation system when route guidance is both active and not being used. When the route guidance is not active, the most likely route is used for evaluation. H

     AM/FM station

    General information Depending on the vehicle equipment and country version, it may not be possible to receive AM stations. Radio Data System RDS RDS broadcasts additional information, such as the station name, in the FM waveband. RDS is automatically active. Selecting a station 1. "MEDIA". 2. "Rad

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