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With a sufficient state of charge of the high-voltage battery unit, all-electric driving of the vehicle with maximum power of the electric drive is possible for up to 41 miles (66 km). The maximum speed in this case is 87 mph (140 km/h).

In the STANDARD variant, all ECO PRO settings are switched off and the damping (depending on the equipment) and steering are set to "Comfort" (see ELECTRIC INDIVIDUAL).

The following events can mean that the ELECTRIC driving mode cannot be selected or is disabled:

  • State of charge of the high-voltage battery unit too low
  • Kickdown (switch to HYBRID STANDARD)
  • Speed too high
  • Gear selector switch in Sport/Manual position (change to HYBRID with the last selected variant)
  • Shift paddles on the steering wheel actuated (change to HYBRID with the last selected variant)
  • Cell temperature too high / low
  • System fault


In the G20 PHEV the driver has the possibility to individualize the ELECTRIC driving mode and make settings with regard to efficiency and sportiness. ELECTRIC INDIVIDUAL can be selected as the standard driving mode so that this driving mode is active at every engine start. Alongside all other settings, this is saved for the driver profile currently in use.

The following settings can be made:

  • ECO PRO functions seat heating
  • ECO PRO functions climate control
  • ECO PRO functions light and sight
  • Driving dynamics damping action (depending on equipment)
  • Driving dynamics steering

There is no longer a display of the ECO PRO potential.



    In the SPORT driving mode, a sporty engine and suspension setting provides an assured and dynamic driving experience. G20 PHEV, SPORT driving mode attributes The SPORT driving mode is available with

     Displays in the instrument cluster

    Displays of operating conditions The hybrid-specific operating states and the state of charge of the high-voltage battery unit are displayed in the instrument cluster and, if desired, in the Central

     Displays in Central Information Display

    The familiar hybrid-specific displays are used: Trip data (previously eDrive use) Energy and power flow display Adaptation to stretch of road Driving style analysis The representation of the dri


     Activating the voice activation system

    General information There are various methods for activating the voice activation feature: Press the button on the steering wheel. Say the wake word ›Hello BMW‹ or a personal wake word. Then say the command. No other commands may be available. In this case, operate the function via iDriv

     Sun visor

    Glare shield Fold the sun visor down or up. Glare shield from the side Folding out 1. Fold the sun visor down. 2. Unhook it from the holder and swing it to the side. 3. Move it back to the desired position. Folding up Proceed in the reverse order to close the sun visor. Vanity mirror A vanity mirr

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