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In the SPORT driving mode, a sporty engine and suspension setting provides an assured and dynamic driving experience.

Driving modes
G20 PHEV, SPORT driving mode attributes

The SPORT driving mode is available with 3 attributes:

  • XtraBoost


In the SPORT STANDARD driving mode, the combustion engine is always running or running in addition while the vehicle is being driven as soon as the driving mode is activated.

Essentially the following measures contribute to increasing the output and dynamics:

  • Change of the attributes of the accelerator pedal characteristic curve and the shift program in automatic transmissions for a sporty driving style.
  • More sporty setting of the driving dynamics systems (damping and steering).
  • Higher boost output available.
  • Combustion engine is not switched off while the vehicle is being driven (only at a standstill).
  • No coasting available.
  • Greater increase in the load point of the combustion engine to ensure sufficiently high battery charge for provision of the boost function.


XtraBoost lends the vehicle its most dynamic character. Here the electrical machine supports the combustion engine in addition to its continuous output with up to 30 kW. Then the electrical machine's output is limited to its continuous output. Further measures are also implemented:

  • Faster implementation of the torque request by the accelerator pedal module.
  • Sportiest setting of the driving dynamics systems (damping and steering).
  • Sportiest accelerator pedal characteristic curve.
  • Sportiest shift program in automatic transmissions with faster gearshifts and longer suppression of upshift.
  • Sportier setting of the drive acoustics in the vehicle interior (Active Sound Design).

The energy required for XtraBoost is stored in the high-voltage battery unit and if necessary the state of charge is actively increased by means of load point increase. XtraBoost can thus be used down to minimum states of charge (within the framework of the hybrid drive's system limits). In this driving mode the combustion engine is permanently active.

XtraBoost is fitted as standard and can be distinguished by an inscription of the same name in the instrument cluster from the SPORT STANDARD driving mode.

If the selector lever is set to Manual/Sport, only the additional output of 30 kW is briefly available. The other attributes, such as shift program or Active Sound Design, are not changed as described above.


Just like in the ELECTRIC driving mode, the SPORT driving mode can be customized. The following ranges of adjustment are used:

  • Damping action (depending on equipment)
  • Steering
  • Engine
  • Transmission


With the ADAPTIVE driving mode, the entire engine and vehicle setting automatically adapts to both the driving situation and the driving style.


The BATTERY CONTROL mode is selected using the separate Battery Control button. The target charge value can be individually adjusted using the controller. This can be adjusted to a state of charge of 30-100%.


  1. Battery Control button


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