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BMW 3: Climate Control

As in previous BMW hybrid vehicles, an electrically powered air conditioning compressor is used in the G20 PHEV. Because the A/C compressor has an electric motor, it is possible to operate the air conditioning independently of the combustion engine. Thus the customer can enjoy the cooling effect of the air conditioning even while driving in pure electric mode and while stopped.

The high-voltage battery unit is cooled by the vehicle's refrigerant's circuit.

The stationary climate control is also available in the G20 PHEV.


 System overview

G20 PHEV, components of refrigerant circuit Combined expansion and shutoff valve (interior) Combined expansion and shutoff valve (high-voltage battery unit) High-voltage battery unit Refrig

 Electric A/C compressor

Electric A/C compressor (EKK) Signal connector Low pressure line (gaseous refrigerant at low temperature and low pressure) High-voltage connector High pressure line (gaseous refrigerant at hig

 Stationary cooling

Owing to the fact that the air conditioning compressor in the G20 PHEV is electrically operated and that the high-voltage battery unit has high energy and power densities, a stationary climate


 Service and warranty

We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly. Your vehicle is covered by the following warranties: New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Rust Perforation Limited Warranty. Federal Emissions System Defect Warranty. Federal Emissions Performance Warranty. California Emission Control System Lim

 Regenerative braking

The regenerative braking makes possible brake energy regeneration. The electrical machine works here as an alternator and brakes the gears via automatic transmission - propeller shaft - rear axle differential - output shafts. The high-voltage battery unit is charged with the energy

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